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Age 26
Height 5'5''
Measurements 32C
Eyes Black
Weight 57KG
Languages English, Hindi
Availability 24/7
Nationality Indian
Location Delhi
Incall/Outcall Both


Duration Incall Outcall
One hour ₹10000 ₹15000
Two hours ₹20000 ₹20000
Full Day ₹25000 ₹25000
Full Night ₹30000 ₹30000
We accept credit cards, Debit cards, UPI, Netbanking, Paypal and All mobile wallet payments.

The beauty of being with an exotic girl for different enjoyment is not possible to express in simple words. Those who had this experience know what I’m talking about. Most of my clients cherish every second they had spend with me previously. They keep returning to gather more memories and enjoyment to fill in their life.

Even you need a bit of these memories in life to cherish later. The moment that you will get while spending time with me would be priceless and special. Nothing will be as special and precious as our memories then with each other. The meeting will be so powerful and wonderful that you won’t be forgetting for the rest of your life.

As you are browsing into my profile, let me introduce myself first. Hi, my name is Palak – a 23 year old girl working as a Delhi Cantt escort for the last three years. My glamorous look and spellbinding services have always won the heart of customers from around the globe. Not just the local clients, I’m receiving customers from around the globe. Praising my beauty and services, most of men are my repeated customers in the service period.

Life as a Delhi Cantt escort

The urge to know the nightlife of Delhi Cantt had revealed about this industry to me. Few of my friends used to work as a Delhi Cantt escort before me. At that time, we were in the college and wanting to explore life to the deeper life with more enjoyment and fun activities. To seek the pleasures of my life, I keep dating new men and find their secret desires to enjoy together. After breakup with some guys, I have chosen this profession to work as an entertainer and fulfill my dreams in life.

There is no regret working as a Delhi Cantt escort in life. In fact, the service is fun and full of lively activities that are not possible in ordinary life. Every night and day, it is celebration – meeting new people, parties, and entertaining clients going to the luxury places. Going for a date with a man is another special activity that I love to deliver with care and love. The list of services goes on and on.

However, I could satisfy men in every encounter making their life more fulfilling and happy. I love offering a full body massage to customers to offer relaxation and stress-free environment. Meeting with a gorgeous girl is no longer difficult for anyone now. You don’t need luck but need to take step for that moment to happen in life.

Honest confession about men

Let me be honest with you. I love meeting new people not for money but to get erotic and sensual pleasures. I look for men who could pamper and respect me even after knowing the identity and profession. I meet so many people in the service period. But I get attracted to only few people seeing their behavior, way of talking and lovemaking.

Even a sturdy man with broad shoulder and body turn me on. Hair on the body brings out an extra sensuality for the women. It is a part that women get attracted to with men. I must confess that even I’m not immune to this seduction of men. It is natural to get attracted to the opposite sex. We can share and enjoy more during the meeting.

How to fulfill your dream and fantasies?

I must say that men have the wildest and weird dreams I have ever seen in life. The lovemaking ideas are out of this world that incites many unusual feeling in the encounter. However, I too love to explore new things in the bed and outside when I’m with the men in Delhi Cantt. I love focusing on the professional service to deliver a complete and entertaining moment in every encounter. Everything would be so fabulous and wonderful that you can’t forget the meeting.

In short, I can be your ideal girlfriend and entertainer during the trip in Delhi Cantt NCR. You can have a blasting night in the trip with hangout, explore nightlife, long drive, and other services. You can’t ask for more services as with me.

Want to meet me as your partner?

Contact me to book and meet at a fine hotel or restaurant in Delhi Cantt tonight.

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