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Age 23
Height 5'8''
Measurements 32B
Eyes Black
Weight 55KG
Languages English, Hindi
Availability 24/7
Nationality Indian
Location Delhi
Incall/Outcall Both


Duration Incall Outcall
One hour ₹10000 ₹15000
Two hours ₹15000 ₹20000
Full Day ₹30000 ₹30000
Full Night ₹35000 ₹40000
We accept credit cards, Debit cards, UPI, Netbanking, Paypal and All mobile wallet payments.

Tanaya is a classic and beautiful escort working in Daryaganj for the last three years. Working as an independent escort, she has been entertaining the high profile customers in the city going to residential areas and hotel rooms. She looks highly intoxicating and perfect with a lot of smile on her face. She has everything in place to get desired moments in your encounter. She could be an asset at every encounter for the meeting. She is an ideal partner for every customer with different needs and requirements, with lots of experiences in courtship, romance, and passionate encounter.

How is she an irresistible package for customers?

Assisted by experience and qualification, she is an irresistible package of entertainment for the customers. There is no reason of not hiring her as a companion and entertainer when taking a trip to Daryaganj. For international customers, she can come to receive at the airport before checking in the hotels or lounge. What follows is a lot of fun and enjoyment with her. Irrespective of your demands, she will make sure that you get the desired services. In this way, you can get satisfaction according to the expectation with exceptional services.

Few statistics about her before hiring

Importance of an ideal partner is huge in the enjoyment of a meaningful and satisfying encounter. You can’t compromise on the quality of the girls if you really want to get the highest thrilling moments. Everything will fall in place when you have a beautiful woman by your side for those moments.

Are you thinking if she had these qualities?

Of course, she had everything necessary to be an ideal partner. She is a Goddess of beauty with an attractive body and figure. Her body statistics are 28, 34, and 36 – which is an ideal and dream figure that every man envisions in his wife and girlfriend. Her eyes are black with a beautiful and shiny hair that gives an image of a damsel.

Further, she had gained experience and art of pleasing men in life. She had the qualities necessary to be an ideal girlfriend during the encounter. That is why she is regarded as one of the top escorts in the city.

What is a perfect encounter to you?

Getting what you want in the encounter may be regarded as the best encounter according to you. You may aspire to get desired romance, passionate moments, erotic encounter, and other services. Nothing will become an obstacle in finding your desired moment when you have the most beautiful woman for your encounter. Yes, she had expertise in delivering romantic moments, dating, and services that win the heart of customers.

She offers the most beautiful services to your encounter:

  • Nightstand to find romance and sensual pleasures
  • Private and public appearance in the designated place
  • Hot and sensual meeting as per your requirement
  • Wonderful recreational activities for you
  • Explore the nightlife of Daryaganj with a companion
  • Female partner offering romantic services
  • And many more in the list.

As you can see, she is offering the most thrilling services needed and demand by customers. However, you can request a service that is not mentioned her before the meeting to make an ideal encounter.

Horny escort to fulfill your fantasies

Men have different fantasies and imagination. Most of the imaginations can’t be fulfilled when there is a shortage of skilled partner during the encounter. It is where she can be an ideal partner and companion to fulfill those imaginations. Your imagination can be easily fulfilled meeting with her at one of the top places in Daryaganj. It may be in the hotel, restaurants, and farmhouse according to your needs.

She offers the services in outcall and incall mode. The horny girl will come to your room confidentially without the knowledge of customers. There won’t be any moment that you don’t love to do in real life. This is why she is always amazing and known for her services during the encounter.

Want to meet me at a desired place in Daryaganj?

Contact me to plan for a meeting and enjoy the moment you want in life. Let us meet for tonight in the hotel room.

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